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Mondo Ideio is a fictional fast food restaurant featured in the movie Good Burger. The restaurant is owned by CEO/manager Kurt Bozwell, the main antagonist of the film.


The front side of Mondo Burger which serves as a entrance has like a square shaped concrete roof that under it has colored lights at the top of the walkway that leads to the entrance doors of the building. The top of the building has large statues of a burger, fries, and a cup with a red straw which serves as a smoking chimney but however although most smoke comes from restaurant stoves, It instead connects to an air vent that's above the hallway to the kitchen. The inside of the restaurant has colorful tables and stool chairs it also has large props of Mondo Burger cups At the top of that is the counter where the neon Mondo Burger sign is right above. At the top counter is the cash registers where the employees exchange money with the customers whenever they order. Behind the counter is where the menu is at the top. On the right side is a door that has employees only on it that leads to the kitchen. The Inside of the kitchen has a center with electronic microwaves which warms up the burgers after they are churned, cooked and made. Behind that is a griller with a conveyor belt as the burgers churn out after the grill makes them huge. On the left side is the metal shelves which has bag of tomatoes, trays and pans, that stand and lay against the wall, the shelves also have pots and other assorted kitchen items. At the top of the shelf are cans of Triampathol the illegal source for the big moody burgers. At the end of the shelf is the meat grinder which grinds the meat by stirring it serving as a source for the grill. Although the meat patties are made into a flat position the employees use plastic liquid pastures to inject triampathol into the burgers to make them huge once they are churned out of the grill. On the right side are boxes filled with cans of Triampathol. Above the kitchen is a platform in front of a Mondo Burger neon sign for Kurt Bozwell to stand on.


The beginning of Mondo Burger

Although Good Burger was stored at the same location for forty years, Mondo Burger was built as a new fast-food chain that was a bigger building across the street from it, serving as competition to the small-time Good Burger. Kurt Bozwell was the owner and was guaranteeing that Mondo Burger would have Good Burger destroyed and put out of business. After Mondo Burger was built, Kurt and his two employees Griffin and Troy hired several teenage employers including Dexter Reed one of the films protagonists. Dexter was trying to get a summer job in order to pay off the debts to his teacher Mr. Wheat's car. In the Mondo Burger kitchen, Dexter accidentally made a mess while trying to properly make a burger. Kurt was infuriated and tells Dexter that there is one thing that he can not stand and it is an "incompetent, bumbling, sloppy, fast food employee!". Later Kurt delivers a speech telling the employees that their lives now revolve around Mondo Burger, and now he is essentially their parental figure. After Dexter silently insults Kurt, he overhears this and demands to know who was talking while he was talking. Griffin pointed at Dexter and says that he uttered something. Kurt approaches Dexter, openly mocks him and says his catchphrase, "You mess with Kurt and you go into the grinder" When Dexter questions him on what his grinder is, Kurt, still thinking that he's being mocked, fires Dexter and orders his security to throw him out.

Grand Opening

Later Kurt, Griffin, and Troy host the grand opening of Mondo Burger, first with a celebratory party to celebrate the opening and then Kurt introduces the crowd to the Mondo Burger restaurant. When the neon lights from the sign causes the electricity to shut down over at Good Burger, Kurt welcomes the gala customers to the restaurant and scissor cuts the red line to allow the entrance for the customers. After seeing the Good Burger restaurant dark, Troy says that it looks like Good Burger closed early tonight and Kurt adds that he's sure pretty soon Good Burger would have to close down for good. Following the popularity of Mondo Burger which is notorious for its main burger, the "Big Booty Burger.", which is double the size of a Good Burger, but costs the same, Good Burger manages to raise its own popularity by producing its all-new Ed's sauce, which was created famously by Ed with a secret recipe. Kurt is outraged to see that Good Burger is still thriving, and demands to find out what's in their sauce. Griffin says he'll go and have some checked out.

Coaxing Ed

Later, Kurt runs into Ed and tells him that he will pay him double the money if he comes to work for him at Mondo Burger. But with Dexter's help, Ed refuses the offer. Kurt then decides to increase the size of his burgers to make them triple the size of a Good Burger, and to send one of his employees: an attractive woman named Roxanne to seduce Ed into telling her the sauce recipe. Ed and Roxanne go on a double date with Dexter and Monique, a female employee whom Dexter has the hots for. However Roxanne becomes the victim of many mishaps during their date, ending with Ed flipping over Roxanne when she catches him off-guard trying to kiss him. The injured Roxanne angrily quits her job at Mondo Burger the next day, and it's obvious to Kurt that she failed to get the recipe.

The Discovery

The next day, Dexter and Ed offer a hungry dog, a "Big Booty Burger" from Mondo Burger and a regular one from Good Burger. When the dog rejects the larger-sized Mondo burger, but devours the smaller-sized Good burger without question, they realize something is wrong with the "Big Booty Burger". The two sneak into Mondo Burger disguised as women to find out what is wrong with their burgers. It is revealed that a chemical acid called Triampathol is injected into the burgers which makes them big and beefy. The chemical is an illegal substance, but Kurt doesn't care what effect it may have on the customers, as long as they sell. Dexter warns them that if the people find that he's putting illegal chemicals in their meat, Kurt will find himself in jail. Kurt says, "That's why nobody outside this kitchen is gonna find out." Kurt then tries to force the sauce recipe out of Ed but fails to do so. To keep them from going to the cops, Kurt, Griffin, and Troy commit Ed and Dexter to a mental asylum called Demented Hills run by their friend, Wade.

With Ed and Dexter out of the way, Kurt decides that if he can't have Ed's sauce, no one can. He, Griffin, and Troy break into Good Burger after hours, and they put shark poison in the sauce to give customers food poisoning, hoping to have Good Burger shut down. Otis, the elderly fry-cook catches them, and is about to notify the authorities, but the three commit him to the asylum as well.

The next day, with help from some of the asylum's patients whom they befriend, Ed, Dexter, and Otis manage to escape from Demented Hills and return to Good Burger narrowly making it in time to stop an elderly customer from taking a bite out of her contaminated burger. The three alert the rest of staff to Mondo Burger's attempted sabotage, and give instructions to discontinue serving sauce until further notice, and call the police.

Kurt Confronts Ed and Dexter

Ed and Dexter then return to Mondo Burger to get a can of Triampathol to give to the police. They sneak in through the building from the rooftop right through a smoking chimney that's disguised as a straw. Dexter sneaks into the kitchen and after taunting Griffin and Troy he squirts them with ketchup and mustard guns and flees forcing the two to give chase. Ed sneaks into the kitchen and tries to take a can of the Triampathol. but accidentally knocks over all the cans, one of which opens and spills some of the chemical into the meat grinder. Ed starts to pick up the can, but instead pours more of the substance into the beef, and another can as well, with an idea. He then leaves with an empty can in his hand, and catches up to Dexter, who has taken the chase to the roof. As Kurt arrives to confront the two, Dexter laments thinking Ed was going to the police station with the can. Griffin then takes the empty can and gives it to Kurt, who realizes that the can is empty causing an immediate uproar of laughter. Dexter angrily questions Ed as to why he would steal an "empty can" but Ed slyly tells Dexter that it wasn't empty when he found it. He then winks causing Dexter to become confused.

The Destruction of Mondo Burger

Back in the kitchen, the grill, which produces the burgers to become bigger, churns out the burgers which become much bigger (due to the Triampathol overdose), but the employees inside are unaware of it. Soon the huge burgers explode, forcing the employees to flee the kitchen in panic. The grill then malfunctions, causing the building to shake violently like an earthquake. The inside of the restaurant falls apart as giant props and others topple over. The huge burgers continue to explode inside the kitchen (including one in a microwave) as the building continues to shake. Back on the rooftop, Kurt and the others learn of the kitchen's disaster and flee to the kitchen, while Ed and Dexter escape. The kitchen also shakes violently as pans and trays fall from the shelf and on the conveyor belt that slides the burgers. Kurt, Griffin, and Troy enter as Kurt panics and yells that they have to stop the grill. Unfortunately, a huge burger explodes in front of them and Troy yells that they should get out. As customers and other employees flee the building while it falls apart (Kurt, Griffin, and Troy among them) other props collapse and fall including the large neon Mondo Burger sign above the counter which collapses, sparks, and falls to the ground. The customers who are fleeing the building then shatter the entrance glass doors. Unfortunately for Mr. Wheat, who arrives in his car for lunch, he is unaware of the danger, and dismisses the fleeing customers and workers as a shift change. Just as he gets out his car, he sees the shaking from the building that causes the huge burger statue to fall on his car, smashing it. Laughing and crying at the same time, he questions God what he did to deserve this.

The end of Mondo Burger

When the police and fire department arrive along with an ambulance that stretchers out an injured employee, Kurt is arrested by the cops while Troy and Griffin are questioned by other policemen, presumably facing arrest themselves. Ed and Dexter, having hopped on a fire truck, arrive back in front of the restaurant and tell the police that Kurt was using the illegal food additive to make the burgers big and beefy. Kurt yells that they are lying. But the cops found two remaining cans inside the restaurant and take Kurt to jail. Dexter and Ed take delight in taunting Kurt with his own phrase about going into the grinder. Thus, with Mondo Burger destroyed, Ed and Dexter are praised as heroes for saving Good Burger.

It turns out, Ed is be smarter than he seems, as he reveals that he felt stealing a can of the chemical to take to the police would solve nothing, as Kurt would probably hire fancy lawyers to dispute the charges, and it would take months, perhaps years to charge him of anything. So Ed instead took matters into his own hands, by dumping the Triampathol into the meat supply, allowing Mondo Burger to be hoist by its own petard. Dexter is amazed to realize that Ed came up with this plan.

Filming Location

The Mondo Burger building was filmed at the Samantha Courtyard shopping center, with extra details added to the facade for the film. It was located across the street from "Manny's el loco" a restaurant where which served as the Good Burger resturant for the flim located at "437 Glendora Ave., West Covina, CA. Both buildings were filmed along S Glendora Avenue in West Covina, California


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  • Dexter is the only person who realizes that Ed caused the triampathol overdose that destroyed Mondo Burger as Mondo Burger's employees (Kurt, Troy, and Griffin included) were clueless as to what happened, not taking into consideration of why Ed had an empty canister with him and assumed he had just foolishly stolen an empty can; while the police were lead to believe the triampathol overdose was caused by the employees of Mondo Burger themselves.